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Bring Uniqueness to Any Event

All Cakes and Sweets are Custom Made to your specifications

"You Dream it.....We'll Create it"

Search No Further.

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The San Fernando Valley, Ca




Why use us?

Uniquely designed and on-of-a-kind designs created all by hand using only the finest ingredients for a truely memorable cake.

Edible center piece to enhance the theme of the event.

Hundreds of very satisfied clients-read the testimonials for yourself

Convenience (easy order/delivery) and, because you know you want one!

​At KREATIVEKAKES4U.COM, we pride ourselves with our unique one-of-a-kind designs. Our goal is to create and deliver a truly memorable and delicious work of art for your special occasion. We pay very close attention to detail and desire. You are the designer of your cake, we are the creator of your cake. Every cake is custom made especially for you. "You dream it........We'll create it! Even if you choose one of our previously designed cakes, no two cake are exactly alike.

Your cake is first drawn out on paper, and then free handed from start to finish. We use only the freshest ingredients, for our truly unbelievably moist cakes. 

Our cakes are 100% edible, unlike some bakers, that use inedible material in 3D cakes. It's very rare that some added touch is not edible, and usually at the clients request. Let's talk convenience......Leave the designing up to us to create what you have in mind. Or give us a picture of your desired design. We can even put an edible image of your choice on a cake for that true personalization. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Owner, Designer, Event Planner:

Adrienne Perry

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