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What People

"Adrienne, Thank you! The cake was wonderful."

-Diane and John Goodman

"I will never use any other baker from now on."

-Karen Weitz

"Thanks for the great cake."

-Jennifer and Jim Belushi

"Adrienne, EVERYONE loved your cake. You are a genius! Thank you for everything. You have a talent like no other."

-Nicole Maloney

"Adrienne, Thank you once again for a great cake!"

-Lori Loughlin

"Today my sixth grade and I were absolutely delighted with the beautiful cake you made for us! Not only was it so adorable that even the dad of honor gasped in awe, but it tasted divine, as well. 

-Theresa Dahlin

"Hi Adrienne,

Omg-that cake was a work of art--my parents were blown away, because they knew what Cory wanted! It was beautiful and so well done and of course adding to the inches on my hips--haha.

Thank you for ALWAYS delivering the BEST!

-XO, Lea Porter

"Dear Adrienne, Thank you for the beautiful cake. I loved it".

-Madeline (age 7)

"Adrienne, The cake not only looked amazing but tasted amazing as well. The kids loved it and so did i! (in fact I just finished the last piece after the kids went to bed!!)"

-xo, Tracy Mallory

"The Mario was genius!"

-Crystal Lourd

"It was awesome and you should have seen the staff at the JBC—they see A LOT of cakes and told me that was one of the coolest—Brandon loved it and of course I ate most of it---(DAMN that FROSTING!!)  :))  anyway, thank you again for always going above and beyond the call of duty as an exceptional and incredible cake artist!   See you next year when the parties start again!!"

-Lea Porter

"The Diego cake was a Slam Dunk!! Thank you!!!!!! and so delicious!!! Everyone wanted seconds. Look forward to Mario and the balls next week!"

-Crystal Lourd

“Hi Adrienne, We loved the cakes! They were delicious, as always and the boys absolutely loved the Lego Clone Troopers shapes. They were perfect! Jackie and I were particularly impressed that they faced in different directions so they could face each other on the table ad they blew out the candles. We should have known you always go the extra mile to make the very best!! Many Many thanks

-Quincy Houghton

"Patrick dreaming of crabby patties just put them over the top!!"


-Tracy Mallory

"Adrienne, Gennesey said, your cakes are the best cakes she has ever had in her life".

Thank you so much".

-Adrienne Agena

"Adrienne, Yet another hit with the Dr. Bag. They loved the look and taste of it. Great to work with you".

-Eve Newhart

"Adrienne, Wow what a cake! It was beautiful. Meredith loved it and couldn't believe it was really the shape of a guitar".

-Katherine Silver

"Allison and I wanted to tell you how wonderful the cake was for the girls birthday yesterday! Really great interpretation of our difficult art work and the cake is yummy too! I had some for breakfast today! A million thanks!"

-Leslie and Allison

"Exceeded our expectations".

-Pat Tercek

"Incredible, loved it!!"

-Bari Ramberg

"Adrienne, The cake was a huge hit!!! Fantastic & Delicious!"

-Krisha Alexander

"Dear Adrienne,
WOW, when I saw the cake I was absolutely speechless.  AWESOME job!  All the kids went woooo, aaahhhh, but most importantly, Austin just absolutely loved it!  The colors you chose made the "fish" cake look so realistic!  The chocolate fudge cake was super moist with a deep chocolate flavor.  Yum-yum.  And, delivery was perfectly on time - as always!"

- Teresa Lee

The cake was amazing!!!! Everyone was talking about how spectacular it was!  Thank you SO much!!!!!

-Allison Musante

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